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Mobile Tower Cranes

BJW Cranes are specialist UK suppliers of the popular self erecting mobile tower cranes, offering 4, 5 and 6 axle machines at competitive daily rates to customers nationwide.

Despite their increasing popularity in the crane industry worldwide, many UK contractors are still unaware of the benefits mobile tower cranes can offer.

Self-erecting mobile tower cranes combine the versatility of a telescopic crane with the reach of a conventional tower crane in one machine, with no expensive set up costs or the need for long term hire commitments.

Offering both crane hire and full contract lifting services, BJW Cranes is committed to providing all our customers with quality cranes and excellent service at competitive rates.

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Benefits of the Self Erecting Mobile Tower Cranes:

  • Ideal for working in confined spaces at a long radius
  • Faster operational speed producing increased productivity
  • Fast rigging time, as quick as 15-20 minutes dependant on site conditions
  • The ability to operate by remote control
  • Can work at wind speeds
  • Crane operators have an aerial view of the site and load, leading to an increase in safety
  • The ability to zone or limit the area of operation
  • Crane arrives fully self contained
  • Outrigger footprint is more compact allowing set up in narrower spaces
  • Outrigger loadings are substantially lower, especially when under load
  • Generally faster work cycles, completing more lifts in a day
  • Substantially more fuel efficient and therefore environmentally friendly
  • Only needs one man to erect and operate and no additional transport

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Mobile Tower Crane Vs Telescopic Crane

A large five axle mobile tower crane can set up alongside a 30 metre high building and be ready to work in about 15 minutes. It can place a load of up to 2 tonnes up to 47 metres radius. The equivalent All Terrain needed to do the same lift would be at least a 160 tonne crane with long jib.

The operator has an optimum view of the area and the loads are quickly ‘trolleyed’ along the horizontal jib where a regular telescopic has to move its heavy boom in and out, and or telescope/ retract in order to shift loads from one spot to another, consuming substantially more fuel and time.

A contractor can therefore shave days, if not weeks off of the project completion time by switching from a more expensive, larger capacity telescopic crane to a self erecting mobile tower crane.

For all enquiries for mobile tower cranes, call us now on 01724 289501.

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