Contract Lifting

Contract Lifting relieves customers of the responsibility for preparing a crane lift.

For customers with heavy lifting experience and can supply their own trained site operators, Appointed Person and supervision, we offer the option for CPA crane only hire.

Customers who do not have the mandatory personnel with all the relevant qualifications and experience are offered our comprehensive Contract Lift service that includes everything you need to execute the lift. This takes all the risk and concern away from customers, with a complete and professional tailor made package where our trained and experienced personnel manage the whole lifting process from initial concept right through to supervising the final lift.

As part of our Contract Lift services, BJW Cranes will provide

  • Free site visit to discuss your exact requirements
  • Specify the correct crane size that you will require
  • Detailed CAD assisted lift plan
  • Method statements
  • Risk assessments
  • Berthing study
  • Insurance up to a maximum liability of £100,000 in respect of goods being lifted and £5 million in respect of public and employers' liability.
  • Fully accredited personnel
  • Lifting equipment & accessories that is properly maintained, tested and certificated

In a Contract Lift the customer is still responsible for providing accurate information relating to both the items to be lifted and to the ground conditions. The customer must also have public liability insurance.

Main Differences Between Crane Only Hire & Contract Lifting Hire Options

CPA Crane Hire - The lifting operation is contractually the customer's responsibility if things go wrong. The customer must provide the appointed person, documentation and retains most of the responsibilities.

CPA Contract Lift - The crane, operator and appointed person are the crane hire company's responsibility.

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